पनीर हरियाली टिक्का – Restaurant Style Hariyali Paneer Tikka – Dry Paneer Starter Recipe – Varun


Hariyali Paneer Tikka

So let’s start with making the marination first.

We have to make green paste and for that we take green coriander.

Now chop it roughly.

With this we will add mint leaves.

For colour we add spinach leaves.

If you want you can also use blanch spinach.

I have added two big chillies.



And a little bit of Cumin seeds.

Let’s mix them first.

With this we add lemon juice in it.

So that it becomes a little sour and eventhe marination colour stays green and bright.

And with it add some salt to taste.

This chutney or paste can bemade thin or coarse.

It’s eventually a personal choice.

I like it a little coarse.

Because if marination is coarse and crunchyit’s a treat for the teeth.

Now we will add more spices and curd.

Firstly we will take curd.

With it we will add dried fenugreek leaves.

Garam Masala.

Chat Masala.

And gram flour.

This is roasted gram flour.

Add gram flour so that the paneer (cottagemilk) coats properly with the marination.

Mix this.

Our marination is mixed and ready.

Let’s add vegetables, they are optional,you can use only paneer, if you want.

I’m using the classic tandoori vegetables.

Bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.

You can also use the colourful bell peppers,red, yellow and green, available in market.

Try it.

This is ready.

Let’s chop the paneer now.

If you are making any tandoori dishat home with paneer,.

Don’t use cream paneer,because it’s very soft.

It might break in the tandoor orwhile getting roasted.

Chop them into cubes like this.

Mix the cubes of paneer in the marination.

Don’t use a spoon to mix this, justlightly mix it using your hands.

Let’s add some oil while mixing this.

If you wish, you can use mustard oil, likeit’s traditionally used for tandoor dishes.

Otherwise you can just use vegetable oil.

Our hariyali marination has coatedthe vegetables and the paneer.

Now, let’s skewer these on skewer sticks First goes the bell pepper.

So that the paneer doesn’tslide down while in the tandoor.

There is an important thing here,our skewer are made of wood.

We need to soak them in warm water forat least 20 minutes so that they don’t burn.

Similarly, skewer all the skewer sticks.

While skewering for tandoori,there is no pattern or technique.

You can skewer it in any pattern sothat you like and it looks colourful.

Now comes my most favourite part.

That is the tandoor process.

Generally, we don’t have tandoors, everyonedon’t have electric tandoor, we have ovens.

But we’ll do an absolutely simple processof making a tandoor on our stove.

So we have a grill, which we willapply oil to like this.

And, let’s place our skewers on this.

We need to lightly char this on ahigh flame i.


over cook it.

Because paneer is an ingredientwhich takes zero minutes to cook.

Similarly, on high flame cookother skewers too.

With this our,Hariyali Paneer Tikka is ready.

In restaurants, dhabba and hotels menuscall it Pahadi paneer Tikka.

Now you have seen that it isso easy and quick to make.

So impress your family andfriends by making this for them.

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